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Bowser Koopa (dennishopper, Super Mario Bros.)
Middle-Aged (30s-ish in human years)
Gem Carnelian
Generally, most things are cool with me! Please no canon puncturing - feel free to recognize Bowser (especially Nintendo characters w/ Smash alt history) but please do not tell the man he is a video game character.
NOTES Until Bowser gets the ability to transform into his old self, he will be stuck in a human body. This design + all art coming from here belongs to snailofapproval.
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Sep. 12th, 2015 01:23 am
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Player Info:
Name: Lepo
Timezone: EST
Contact: [ profile] lepowned

Character Info:
Name: His Gnarliness, King Bowser Koopa
Age: Unknown - given his status as a father and "full-time-awesome-bad-guy", he's up there in years.
AU/PG/CANON/OC: Super Mario Bros and all related spin-offs. Not Smash canon. Post-Galaxy.

Key Points:
  • Bowser is born as the leader of the Koopa Clan, and fathers multiple heirs.

  • Seeking more land and a good mother for the children, Bowser attempts to take over the nearby Mushroom Kingdom and kidnaps their princess.

  • He's foiled! Bah, no matter! He's 80 more schemes up his sleeve.



  • This fails too and Bowser is engulfed by a supernova.


Bowser was born into his birthright as the leader of the Koopa Troop, though the group would not become active until he was much older. The group performed some activities such as attempting to get rid of the young Marios and antagonizing the young princess of the Mushroom Kingdom once or twice, but there was largely no activity until Bowser grew into adulthood. Bowser had fathered 7 young heirs, the Koopalings, but desired more from his life (as well as a suitable mother for the brats).

He developed a lust for power and a desire to bring the Koopa Troop back to it's former greatness, leading to him attempting to conquer the nearby Mushroom Kingdom. It was simple enough, really, all of the citizens would be turned into useless weeds and blocks by his loyal magikoopas while he kidnapped the princess and made her his queen. His glorious triumph did not last long, as even with an army of minions and magical clones of himself running amuck, two plumbers came to rescue the princess. PLUMBERS! Bowser was overthrown, and after taking the first of what would be many plunges into lava, went back to his castle to wonder just how that happened. Around this time, Bowser Junior was born, bearing witness to his father's determination and schemes over the next few years.

We can see a pattern start to form: Bowser schemes, battles plumbers, gets foiled. It's a cycle. Bowser attempts to take over Yoshi's Island, he gets defeated. He takes over Peach's own castle and holds everybody hostage within the walls? Defeated. At his son's insistence, he attacks Mario on vacation. Defeated Even that miserable hotel scheme didn't work! It got to the point where Bowser would start to show up to their sports games and kart races with a trove of minions in tow, which the Marios begrudgingly accepted once it became clear that the Koopa King had no intention of leaving unless he was victorious. His frustration at losing constantly at go-kart races and tennis matches eventually led to him smashing his sports equipment into the dirt, vowing to return to form.

THUS, HE GOES INTO SPACE. Battling Mario among the stars, Bowser intends to recreate the universe in his own image. Filled with rage, Bowser fought Mario in the center of the universe, but was yet again defeated. However, this time resulted in a final game over for the Koopa King. Bowser's own "galaxy reactor" malfunctioned thanks to the removal of it's power source, the Grand Star, creating a large black hole. Bowser lived to see the universe start to collapse in on itself, before being engulfed by a large supernova.

Or, so he thought. Bowser would soon find himself not in the embrace of searing flames, but rather, falling from the sky at an incredible rate...

While many villains claim to be narcissistic, Bowser's ego is literally off the charts, constantly proclaiming his intent to smash those who so much as look at him the wrong way. Of course he cares about his kids, he cares about his minions and he cares about Princess Peach, but that doesn't stop him from being an egotistical jerk. Bowser is stuck somewhere between a brilliant leader and a simplistic brute who simply does what he pleases. While his exact personality keeps changing from game-to-game, Bowser always cares first and foremost about the self-fulfillment of his own desires to the point where everything outside of those desires is a blur or simply does not exist to him.

In fact? Bowser, while occasionally showing competency on rare occasions in terms of battle strategies and plots, is often blinded by his own rage and fury to properly think in a great deal of situations. This is to the point where many of plans and plots in games boil down to simplistic thoughts like "NO TIME GOTTA STOMP MARIO/SMITHY/FAWFUL". He's a tank, but it's very easy to send him to the ground just through quick wits and agility. Even the most simplistic flaws in his plots will bring him down, such as annoying plumbers just running underneath him while he's leaping around.

It's fairly obvious that Bowser enjoys wearing the fact that he's evil right on his sleeve. He delights in having his own face plastered on battleships and tanks, and is quite to refer to himself rather affectionately as the "biggest, badest brute around". Even his own minions refer to their king with names such as "your wickedness" and "your gnarliness". There are absolutely no attempts to hide the fact that he's on the darker side of things, really. He has all the flair and egotism of a Disney villain, but without any catchy songs to sing, unfortunately.

Gem Considerations: Carnelian is a gemstone known for empowering "motivation, endurance, leadership and courage". It's a firey red gem, all poised to match Bowser's firey red personality. It's been associated throughout history with conquerors and warriors, and this alone makes it a perfect fit for Bowser. Never mind the fact that gem also represents boldness. This will be placed on his stomach.

Power considerations:
List Three Powers You Would Like Your Character To Have:
  • Bowser Transformation. (Bowser will be made a human by default in the setting. This power would allow him to turn back into his normal form and use all associated powers - i.e. flame breath. More details can be found here.)

  • Weapon Summon: Spiked Hammer.

  • Minion Creation (The ability to will intelligent-yet-weak minions into existence for brief periods of time. Generic and nameless Mario mooks - Goombas, Koopas, Boos, Shy Guys, etc.)

Bowser is going to be mad that he's been turned into a human. Once he learns that he has the ability to become his normal self again, expect him to be doing that quite a lot. At least, until he learns that being human has...some advantages. Still! Gems are neato otherwise for him. As long as he can maintain his original form, Bowser will earnestly view this as advantageous.


He didn't know why he was falling or where he was falling. It was all a blur to him after that accursed plumber came along. Oh, right. He remembered fire - a lot of fire. It didn't even come from his mouth! His thoughts didn't get very far before he made impact with the ground, leaving a sizable crater.

Emerging from the crater about a second later was Bowser himself, clutching his head in pain. "Ow, my friggin' head..." The koopa king grumbled out, moaning. "Curse that Mari- ow!" Bowser barely even got a second to think before something made impact with his eye. He fell backwards, the spikes on his shell embedding themselves into the ground almost as if to spite the confused villain. Struggling to look out of the corner of his eye, he recognized the object that hit him. A plastic red and white ball? What was this garbage?

He sprung up and leaned down to grab the ball in his clawed hand. The bright white side made a pretty good mirror...y'know, for being dumped straight into the sun, he didn't look too half-bad. That's when he spotted the black eye that the ball inflicted. How dare his perfect visage be spoiled by such an atrocious looking wound! With a snort, he turned his head to seek out the guilty party.

There was a small child with a net watching him, 3 similar-looking balls clinging onto his belt.

It was soon realized, of course, that placing the irritable fire-spewing King of Koopas in the middle of a dense forest wasn't a good idea. At least that particular bug catcher running out of the burning forest seemed to get this. Then again, it isn't too hard to grasp a concept when your pants are literally on fire.

Bowser stomped out of the forest a second later, smoke billowing from his nostrils. He barely even paused to take a look at his surroundings. What was this place and why did it have to look so stinking happy? Did this mean that the universe itself hadn't been destroyed? There were too many questions running through his head.

Somebody was going to give him answers.

"Once I get back to my castle, I'm gonna have to trounce some troops just to make up for lost time!" The tyrant grumbled to himself as he marched onward.

"Then I'll go punch that green loser's stupid nose in!"

[sample and most-of-the-app is taken from my Celestial Refresh application]


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